The ultimate guide about hearing aids


Everything you need to know about hearing loss and hearing aids!

A hearing problem changes your routine, take action today and improve your life! What would you like to know before buying your hearing aid? They come in all sizes, colors and technology levels but what’s for me? 

First of all hearing loss is something unique for every patient, the loss can be very mild to severe…so you need a proper diagnosis. Then you need to decide on what you want your hearing aids to be able to do and how you want them to look! 

  • Show of my new hearing device or not? 

According to the World Health Organization, hearing loss is not something rare since 466 million people worldwide suffer from it. Some of them prefer to show off their new hearing devices, others prefer that it shouldn’t attract too much attention. With hearing aids, feels like any other piece you wear on your body, and you can choose your style, color and size (depending on your specific hearing loss). It’s up to you if you want to make a statement with your hearing aid or not!  

  • What’s your lifestyle? 

Are you more socially active or do you live a quieter lifestyle? If you are more socially active, then you find yourself in many different situations with more background noise. This is when often the situation that people have the most problems in following conversation. Look for a hearing aid technology that offers more features to enhance speech when in background noise. Typically, the more advanced the technology level, the more features to support you with easier hearing in background noise. For some people, even if they do not find themselves in these situations frequently, being able to hear easily no matter where are is the number one priority.

In Cyprus Audiology Center your hearing matters! 

Looking for a way to improve your hearing? A hearing problem changes your routine, take action today and improve your life! We offer a big range of services that cover diagnosis and rehabilitation of hearing and  balance disorders

Audiology Center

Cyprus Audiology Center is directed by Dr. Chryssoula Thodi. Cyprus Audiology Center main activities include detection, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of hearing and balance disorders. Industrial Audiology and Hearing Conservation have been recently added to our activity portfolio, upon award of a United Nations Development Project.


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