5 reasons why you should get a hearing test!


Having your regular check ups already? Have you ever had a heating test? Taking a hearing test is as important as having your heart checked, especially if you have a suspicion of hearing loss. Get your hearing tested today… Here are 5 good reasons why! 

We take everything for granted but what connects us to the world around us is our five senses. Sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch send information to the brain to help us understand and perceive the world around us. That’s how we live and socialize, feel happy or sad, enjoy a film or a meal and listen to music. The losing one of these senses is a difficult situation and often an isolating experience.

  • Think of yourself 

If your case is hearing loss, you may feel that life has become a little less enjoyable. Your relationships with your loved ones go through difficult times as well, and you daily struggle to enjoy social situations. Every aspect of your life is different with a hearing loss.

  • Hearing loss does affect your lifestyle and  health

Your brain struggles to focus more of its energy on the simple task of hearing. Every conversation becomes more tiring because your brain works harder to try to decipher what’s being said. This can make you feel exhausted and can affect your ability to remember details. Untreated hearing loss is associated with a greater risk of developing dementia and also can even lead to depression, and it’s more likely that you suddenly depend on others in your day-to-day activities.

  • Do you know if you’ve got hearing loss?

Unfortunately it takes 10 years for someone with hearing loss to realize it! 

That’s because hearing loss is usually a slow process, so you may not even notice that it is happening. Some people develop denial about their hearing loss. It is often family and friends who encourage you to take a hearing test. A hearing test can always give you definitive answers and peace of mind. 

  • Take action! Take a hearing test!

For hearing loss, the earlier you take the test and the diagnosis, the sooner you can start enjoying a better quality of life again through better hearing. The majority of aid users believe they should have got their hearing aids sooner, because getting a hearing aid improved their social life a lot, and they saw their mental and emotional health back to normal. 

  • Is hearing loss something rare? 

Unfortunately no! Around 466 million people worldwide are suffering from hearing loss. A variety of factors deteriorates hearing – it can be part of aging or caused by experiencing high noise levels over a long period of time. Some people are also born with a hearing loss. 

Whatever causes you trouble hearing, you can do something about it!  Start by taking a hearing test and contact Cyprus Audiology Center!

Audiology Center

Cyprus Audiology Center is directed by Dr. Chryssoula Thodi. Cyprus Audiology Center main activities include detection, diagnosis, and rehabilitation of hearing and balance disorders. Industrial Audiology and Hearing Conservation have been recently added to our activity portfolio, upon award of a United Nations Development Project.


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